Join IndieArtisans

If you're a handmade artisan with your own website and are interested in joining IndieArtisans you can apply by contacting us at the button at the bottom of the left column. Membership is juried and not all shops are accepted. Please include a link to your website and your contact information.

Membership includes new listings posted to the IndieArtisans website, our facebook page here: IndieArtisans on Facebook , and our twitter account here: IndieArtisans on Twitter . If you have coastal listings they may also be included on our sister site here: BoardwalkArtisans , the associated facebook page here: BoardwalkArtisans on Facebook and twitter account here: BoardwalkArtisans on Twitter .

There is no cost for membership if you sign up for your Shopify shop through our link below. If your shop is not on Shopify, or if you have an existing shop, membership is $5.50 per month billed quarterly via paypal. We are a co-op so all funds are used only to maintain and promote the various sites.

If you are looking to set up your own site you can join and support IndieArtisans by creating a Shopify shop using our link: Shopify IndieArtisans Shops